The Secret Meditation Garden

I'm really excited to announce that the Secret Meditation Garden is now open!

The Secret Meditation Garden is a Facebook group where you can access videos of my full-length meditations, watch livestreams, take part in Q & A sessions, join in as visiting experts in related fields contribute to the Garden and generally hang out with people who are interested in meditation, spirituality, self-help, self-development and the Big Cosmic Stuff!

It's a beautiful space for modern mystics everywhere. Once you have a key to The Secret Meditation Garden you can open the gate and just be part of the community.  Within the main Garden there's a Garden of Divine Love, a Compassion Corner, a Wisdom Walk and a Garden of Divine Joy. 

If you watch my livestreams over on my Facebook page, AmethystLiving, you'll know that my meditations help you encounter divine love, joy, compassion and wisdom, as well as healing for the spirit and heart. In fact, I describe myself as a soul-healer and mystic. 

From now until 1 April 2018, you can have access to all of these beautiful meditations and healing for the spirit, whenever you want, wherever you are! At the moment the Garden is simply a Facebook group, but I'm aiming to make it part of a bigger programme at the start of April 2018, to which you will have access by paying a monthly membership subscription

It's a beautiful community for everyone.

To get your key to the Secret Meditation Garden hop on over to the Facebook group and ask to join, then I'll add you to the group! See you there!

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