One-to-one Sessions

If you’re looking for time out from your busy day, for help with stress management and anxiety or to further your spiritual journey, my one-to-one sessions are perfect for you! We sit together for an hour and I will guide you on an inner journey so that you experience divine love, joy, compassion, wisdom and healing for the spirit. Contact me for more details!

I mostly work online with clients via Facebook Messenger as Jane Hill, or on Skype as jane.hill2000. Drop me a message and let's connect!

Also, find out more about my stress management workshops for organisations in Edinburgh and my Secret Meditation Garden! 

My newly published book, Six Enchantments, is available on Amazon UK.

'Jane has a great voice for leading meditations'

Call me for further details on 01875 835233.

I offer sessions via Facebook Messenger (Jane Hill) and Skype (jane.hill2000)

Contact me today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me:

+44 1875 835233 +44 1875 835233


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