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Working with divine love, joy, compassion and divine wisdom to create healing for the spirit.

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I'm guessing you're interested in meditation, in taking time out to look after yourself and in being in touch with the real, true, big stuff in your life. 

I'm Jane of AmethystLiving and meditation more or less saved my life. In 1993, I was working in a 'good professional job' in a major cultural institution in Edinburgh. It was 'the' place to be for my profession - and I was miserable. I was a square peg in a round hole. I was seeking something to give my life meaning and value. 


I suffered from anxiety and became so ill, there were times I could hardly leave the house. 

I began doing a lot of inner work - then, after three months I had a remarkable dream. It foretold the work that I do today. 


I found that I could go on meditative journeys to an inner world and that saved me. I journeyed into another world and there I encountered healing for my wounded spirit, divine love, joy, compassion and dicine wisdom. My beloved friends in that world work with me as I work with you so that you can know and benefit from this blessed healing for the spirit. 

In this way you can find an oasis of calm in your busy day and  connect with your true, compassionate self.

And so you don't have to get to the stage I got to before experiencing the benefits of meditation and visualisation.

‘Jane really has access to something – and she’s channelling it for us!’ G, Edinburgh.

'I just had a lovely guided meditation with Jane, it was so beautiful and I could really feel the energy of it. Jane has such a lovely soothing voice and excellent pace, which is something I find really important in guided meditations.' Vicky

'Just finished a lovely guided meditation with Jane. As soon as we started I felt really relaxed which is very unusual for me to feel that way so early on, and this lovely feeling continued throughout our 40 minute session. It was really lovely and I enjoyed every bit of it and the feeling of relaxation still remains with me even after the session. Thank you Jane!' Sonia

I accompany you in your journey to become who you are truly meant to be, working with you to help you find your true self, your direction in life and to create an oasis of calm and peace. Together we reflect and meditate on your heart’s desire.
I'm Jane of AmethystLiving and I've been doing this work for myself since the early 1990s and for others since 2007.

Call me on 01875 835233 (UK) or on Skype at jane.hill2000 for a complimentary 20 minute consultation to learn about healing for the spirit and how it could help you.

I offer sessions via Facebook Messenger (Jane Hill) and Skype (jane.hill2000)

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